Hull Loss

“Nova Jiang’s practice conceives viewers and the public as integral partners of the work she produces. She creates playful narratives and scenarios, from video to interactive mechanical installations, in which she seeks to open up the possibilities of expression and communication amongst her audience by facilitating play. Jiang aims to provide scenarios reminiscent of childhood activities based on simple interactions, referencing Surrealist attempts to reach the unconscious through games, as well Dada and Fluxus uses of chance, happenings, and play, For “Hull Loss” she installs a hand-held device built for participants to launch paper airplanes they’ve made into the air. The planes must pass through obstacles of wooden structures equipped with mechanized scissors in order to land in the safety of a suspended and elongated gauze-like net. Very few of them reach their destination and most are left fallen, strewn about the floor. The game-like quality of the installation becomes a playful vehicle allowing participants to become performers, test designs, and compete with and support one another through success, failure, and challenge.” – LM Projects

2009 – Cause and Effect, LM Projects (Los Angeles, US)
2009 – Clash, De Oosterpoort (Groningen, the Netherlands)
2009 – The 12th Japan Media Art Festival, The National Art Center (Tokyo, Japan)