Figurative Drawing Device

A person’s outline can be ‘scanned’ using this device and reduced to a drawing. This project has been exhibited as an participatory gallery piece where people are invited to trace each other and pin the final drawing to the wall. The imperfect line drawings preserve not only the presence of the person who was traced but also the idiosyncratic movement of the tracer. Each drawing can be read as a graph which records the subtle psychological interactions between the two.

This device creates a relationship that is simultaneously invasive and intimate between two people. I’m interested in the momentary disruption of normal social relationships it creates. Each drawing also records a performance and a presence which has disappeared from the gallery. This led to another exercise of this tool as a method for making flip books. The process of creating a flip book this way is long and painstaking. It’s a performance in endurance for both the subject and the tracer where new psychological patterns emerge.

Exhibition History:
2011-Objectivity-A Vocabulary of Objects, Eyebeam (New York, US)
2008-MEGA 3, New Wight Gallery (Los Angeles, US)