Cloud Vessels

Cloud Vessels is a collaboration with artist Jamie O’Shea; the project took place on a desolate desert property in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Desert clouds passing over the project site were photographed and a local glass blower was invited to create drinking vessels based on selected cloud forms. Jamie joined me in the desert to build his invention the “Caloris Basin”, a new technique to inexpensively concentrate sunlight. For this project, Jamie prototyped a new function for Caloris Basin as an atmospheric water generator. A series of water-tasting parties were hosted in the desert, where participants were served water gathered from the air using these “cloud vessels”.

Collaborator: Jamie O’Shea
Photo: Patrick Lydon
Commission: Earthbound Moon and ISEA2012
Exhibition History: 2012-ISEA2012 Residency Exhibition, Rainosek Gallery (Albuquerque, US)
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