Archipelago addresses social isolation caused by flawed urban design. I feel that the image of desert islands floating down city streets was an appropriate answer to people’s daily struggle against geography and space. The islands act as vehicles that carry communication instead of people or goods. They have no predefined destination. Instead their mobility initiate chance encounters and encourage people to leave the “desert island” of their daily routine. Each island stores empty bottles, paper and pen. Those who come across them are invited to imagine themselves as castaways and write a message in a bottle addressed to the world or someone in it. Each island therefore becomes a node in a network of empathy. 250 messages were collected over four days and published on the project website.

Graphic Design: Tiffany Huang
Fabrication: Alex Gibson, Will Schlough
Special Thanks: Greg Witt, Richard Lemarchand, Jill Short
Photo: Patrick Lydon
Videography: Patrick Lydon

Commission: ZER01 with the support of the James Irvine Foundation
Exhibition History: 2010-Build Your Own World, 01SJ Biennial (San Jose, US)