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Orthogonal/Diagonal at the Hammer Museum

Orthogonal/Diagonal was featured as part of the UCLA Game Art Festival at the Hammer Museum on November 18th. Photo: Lizzie Zweng



As part of Orthogonal/Diagonal, we hosted a four-hour tournament at Enjoy Gallery. Unlike a traditional Chess tournament, the goal here is for the participants to play as many different regional chess variants as possible against different opponents. The participants consisted (…)


Los Lunas

In September Jamie O’Shea and I went to our project site in Los Lunas, New Mexico. The project began when I envisioned serving water gathered from the air to an audience in cloud-like drinking vessels. I was looking into existing (…)


OK | CYBERARTS 12: Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition

Ideogenetic Machine is being exhibited at the OK Offenes Kulturhaus in Linz, Austria until October 6, 2012. It’s wonderful to be in a show that includes several projects I’ve always admired from afar, such as Occupy George by Ivan Cash (…)


Cloud Vessels

I am really excited about this upcoming collaboration with artist Jamie O’Shea, whose work I’ve been following for a long time before Eyebeam brought us together. Cloud Vessel will take place on a desolate desert property in Los Lunas, New (…)